Antica Osteria da Cera

Cera Family

Not far from Venice lies the small town of Lughetto. Here the sea is not merely part of the landscape, but a way of life. Since 1966 the Cera family’s Antica Osteria has been faithful to a gastronomic tradition that revels in the tastes of the Adriatic and Mediterranean cuisine, in a show of skill and dedication to their guests’ ease and comfort. To-day, chefs Lionello, Daniele and Lorena prepare dishes that take their cue from the past and traditional recipes, while breathing life into them through ongoing experimentation as they strive to create new, contemporary twists. If we were to describe the gourmet cuisine of the Antica Osteria in just two words, without hesitation we would call it “contemporary traditional”. Rich offerings from the sea intersect with innovative vegan and vegetarian proposals, which have become increasingly popular at a time when sustainability is a must. State-of-the-art tablescapes, avant-garde cooking techniques, boldness in visual and taste choices, and finely calibrated attention down to the smallest details – this is how age-old dishes of the Venetian Lagoon become transformed by three chefs that every day are inspired by a long and rich culinary heritage. But your visit here is not limited to a barrage of taste sensations. The white tablecloths, porcelain tableware and designer decor make for a classy, refined ambiance that soothes the soul. This is the kind of place you’ll want to come back to, again and again.

Antica Osteria da Cera

Via Marghera, 24
30010 Lughetto di Campagna Lupia (VE)
+39 041 5185009

Number of seats 40 | |

Closed Sunday and Monday.
Holidays 2 weeks in January and 2 weeks in August
Credit cards All