St. Hubertus

The Pizzinini Family and Norbert Niederkofler

The luxury mountain resort Rosa Alpina, the Aman Partner Hotel located in the village of San Cassiano in the Alta Badia zone of the Province of Bolzano, is home to St. Hubertus. You’re guaranteed a warm welcome by the Pizzinini family, who for some twenty-five years have presided over this high-altitude restaurant, featuring expert chef Norbert Niederkofler at the helm. Niederkofler’s philosophy is best expressed through his Cook the Mountain tasting menu, an authentic experience in local tastes. You’ll be amazed at the range of peculiarities on a menu that respects – and reflects – the rhythms and dictates of nature. Ingredients are rigorously seasonal. Preparation techniques are absoutely avant-garde. All thanks to lengthy and laborious research carried out by Niederkofler and his team. The fine food at St. Hubertus is mountain cuisine elevated to the nth power, where tradition is upgraded thanks to sincere and immediate tastes and sensations. Your taste buds will revel in the sublime overtures of wild game extract, bread and Alpen butter. The wine list features local champions and international rarities from small, hard-to-find producers. A visit to St. Hubertus is an exploration of the roots of Südtirol culture – a sustainable, contemporary and tasteful trip led by one of the most visionary and enterprising chefs on the international scene today.

St. Hubertus

Rosa Alpina Hotel & Spa
Strada Micura De Rü, 20
39036 San Cassiano in Badia (BZ)
+39 0471 849500

Number of seats 40 |

Closed Lunchtime. Tuesday
Holidays April and May. October and November
Credit cards All except for Diners