Castel finedining

Gerhard Wieser

In the extraordinary setting of the Dolomites, chef Gerhard Wieser’s Castel finedining (formerly Trenkerstube) has found a home inside the prestigious Castel Hotel that overlooks the Merano Valley – the site of well-being Alto Adige-style par excellence. Born and raised in Bruneck, in the heart of South Tyrol, Wieser’s experience internationally has reached soaring heights. Still, he makes the best use of his bond with his roots while gratifying his authentic love for exploration in food preparation. For him, truth resides in the dish, and says: “Its taste must be immediate and unmistakable, and must always be considered more important than esthetics”. His search for perfection has led him experiment with avant-garde, innovative cuisine that surprises even expert gourmets. There’s the woods, the veg- etable garden, the sea, the river. Castel finedining will surprise you, too, with firm, elaborate taste experiences. Only the highest quality ingredients are used, based on what nature and the season have to offer, with the authentic simplicity that is a hallmark of the culture of the autonomous Trentino-Alto Adige. From the red shrimp to the pikeperch, from the high, summer pasture cheeses to pumpkin and wild mushrooms, from chamois to chestnuts and the deep, woody taste of white Alba truffles. Especially elegant and essential meals, to be paired with the best wines that local producers have to offer.

Castel finedining

Vicolo dei Castagni, 18
39019 Tirolo (BZ)
+39 0473923693

Number of seats 20 |

Closed Sunday and Monday
Holidays From November to April
Credit Cards All