Talvo by Dalsass

Martin and Andrea Dalsass

We usually think of Switzerland as a typically winter destination, with all its white wonder. But in summer, regions like Engadin, in the southeastern canton of Graubünden, are great places to visit, with plenty of things to see and do there. The most attentive gourmets already know that chef Martin Dalsass thrives in this place. Originally from the Trentino-Alto Adige region in Italy, he trained in Bolzano, Paris, as well as in several Swiss cities. He chose Champfèr, a village that is part of the St. Moritz municipality, as the location for his long-term project. In 2011 he and his family took over the management of the historic restaurant Talvo. In summer, the terrace is as bustling as the dining rooms, making for one big, joyous atmosphere. Inside the main dining room – furnished in the classic style of Engadin – there’s a small mezzanine. There’s also a Stüva side room, ideal for small groups, or the Stüvetta, a smaller smoking room where guests enjoy aperitifs or after-dinner drinks, and where a wide selection of cigars is available. The Dalsass credo is “Back to nature!” Not everyone may know of his great passion for olive oil. Alongside meticulously selected ingredients, the ten-to-twelve different olive oils used at Talvo by Dalsass promise all the finesse and lightness that Mediterranean cuisine was meant to be.

Talvo by Dalsass

Via Gunels, 15 – Cantone dei Grigioni
7512 Champfèr-St. Moritz (CH)
+41 81 8334455


Number of seats 70 + 18 private room + 35 outside  |

Closed Monday and Tuesday lunchtime except for Christmas and New Year’s Eve festivities and February (in winter). Monday and Tuesday (in summer)
Holidays From April to the end of June and from mid-October to the end of November
Credit cards All