Pri Lojzetu

Tomaž, Flavia and Sara Kavčič

Pri Lojzetu is today a fourth-generation restaurant, part of a long family history, mention of which dates back to 1897, when it was run by Mici and her husband Lojze. It was taken over by their son Lofize and his wife, both of whom studied at the local monastery cooking school before World War II. Their daughter Katja Kavcˇicˇ eventually took over and delved headlong into the cuisine of the Vipava Valley. Under Katja’s watch, Lojzetu, then in the village of Dornberk, became known as the best dining spot in all Slovenia, and those who ate there would walk out feeling reborn. To the harmoniousness and sophistication of the local specialties she served, Katja added an ingredient all her own – her very soul. Chef Tomaž Kavcˇicˇ, a virtual poet of tastes, cooking techniques and the best possible ingredients, runs the show today. His love for the Vipava Valley is proudly on display in each of his creations, many of which are based on the area’s wealth of gastronomic traditions. Each new dish is first concocted in his head, which is followed by an intense phase of experimentation. The final verdict is left to his guests. These days, Pri Lojzetu is located inside the Zemono estate mansion. But the family philosophy hasn’t wavered since the start: only the best and freshest seasonal ingredients make for the purest of tastes

Pri Lojzetu

Dvorec Zemono, 7
5271 Vipava, Slovenia
+386 5 3687007

Number of seats 40 à la carte, up to 100 for events | | by prior arrangement

Closed Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday and Thursday lunchtime.
Holidays Variable from year to year
Credit cards All