Ciccio Sultano

In downtown Ragusa, inside the rooms of Palazzo La Rocca, where Pietro Germi filmed some of the most iconic scenes of his masterpiece Divorce Italian Style, there is one of the most famous restaurants in Sicily, and in all of Southern Italy. It is Ciccio Sultano’s Duomo. Chef Ciccio’s wife Gabriella Cicero is the maître d’. Together they preside over their temple of fine Italian dining in a setting of utmost charm. Ciccio Sultano transforms locally-sourced ingredients into dishes that recount the history and the evolution of the island in recent years. Fish is the undisputed ruler of the kitchen. Shellfish, sardines, anchovies, sea urchins, red shrimp, octopus. Meals that are journeys across Sicily, a land of cultural contaminations, from the Mediterranean to the Middle East, from Europe to Africa. The menu at Duomo reflects ancient traditions – Carthaginian, Greek, Roman, Arab, Norman, Hebrew – that are reflected in the cooking styles, spices, in the choice of ingredients and in the pairings. Each tasting itinerary is a story in itself, a tale told on its own, a proper “compendium of culinary culture”. The chef and his team have carefully mapped out what for each guest promises to be a truly unique experience.


Via Capitano Bocchieri, 31
97100 Ragusa Ibla (RG)
+39 0932 651265

Number of seats 40 |

Closed Sunday and Monday.
Holidays From 7 January to 28 February
Credit cards All