Angelo Sabatelli Ristorante

Angelo Sabatelli

Angelo Sabatelli is the perfect example of a man of culture. After years of globetrotting and learning the cuisines of the most distant and exotic lands, he headed back home with expanded awareness of the great heritage of his own land, Puglia. Sabatelli spent ten years on the road before choosing to make his dream come true in the tiny town of Putignano, in the heart of Murgia country, which has become the cradle of his creative energy. Strolling through the historic downtown area – a warren of concentric alleyways of ancient stone, where clothes are hung out to dry – you come to Palazzo Romanazzi. Its design is contemporary, its clean lines provide contrast. You enter a very modern, warmly lit dining room. Sabatelli’s refinement brings out the best in each individual locally-sourced ingredient, beginning with the tomato, star of the show here. Also look forward to eggplant, Caciocavallo cheese, fava, garlic, cured pork Capocollo. Laura Giannuzzi, the chef’s wife, orchestrates the young dining room team, and with calm, cool com- posure she’ll list and explain each ingredient for you as she conveys a special kind of love for the food her husband creates. An amusing array of courses that offers just the right fluctuation between games and fairy tales that only a chef with deep awareness of what he’s doing in the kitchen succeeds in mastering.

Angelo Sabatelli Ristorante

Via S. Chiara, 1
70017 Putignano (BA)
+39 080 4052733

Number of seats 25 | |

Closed From June to September: Monday.
From October to May: Sunday dinner time and Monday.
Holidays Variable between November and March
Credit Cards All