La Madernassa

Giuseppe D’Errico

La Madernassa Ristorante & Resort returns with new executive chef Giuseppe D’Errico, teamed up with an extraordinary team as they take on 2022 in the name of excellence and sustainability. D’Errico expresses the same values that the owners espouse – i.e., values rooted in authenticity and striking the deepest chords of the soul. Along with the restaurant, the resort offers six rooms and marvelous views of the Langhe and Monviso. You’ll be given a warm welcome and treated to authentic beauty, for an all-around experience in touch with nature, which is a synonym of well-being, balance and regeneration amid the harmony, the sounds and the colors of the environment. In this growing adventure where the focus is on innovation and the future, D’Errico and his young team never forget their unbreakable link with the land of Piedmont. Food becomes awareness, it puts man at the center of all things, for he is the key to sustainability. A sensorial concept of taste that underscores the ethical impact that even haute cuisine must take into account. Here food is explored in terms of nutrition, and also in terms of thought, beyond its primary function. The vineyard and the orchard, the herb garden and the surrounding woods all provide ingredients that wind up on the menu. The nursery ensures fresh vegetables and plants of the highest quality, in accordance with the seasons and nature.

La Madernassa

Località Lora, 2
12050 Guarene (CN)
+39 0173611716

Number of seats 35 max à la carte- 150 max for event | |

Closed Monday, Tuesday lunchtime
Holidays Indicatively from 20 January to 1 March
Credit cards All except for Diners