Christian & Manuel Ristorante

Christian and Manuel Costardi

The best ambassador of a given territory not only knows where he or she comes from, but shares an everyday relationship with the land, traveling it high and low and foraging for premium local produce. Ever since the Costardi brothers took over the restaurant inside Vercelli’s Hotel Cinzia, which was first opened by their grandparents Nino and Sandra, their focus has been on rice. For this is Italy’s rice country, in the Region of Piedmont, where flooded rice paddies dot the landscape as far as the eye can see. Rice provides the basis for both savory dishes and desserts, underlying the dining experience from start to finish. Rice of all kinds, consistencies and pairings. The setting is ultramodern, featuring contemporary and pop-art influences, where Emotion, Territory, Passion and Evolution are not only the Costardi brothers’ watchwords in the kitchen, but serve as headings for their four tasting menus. Choose from at least twenty different, and often unexpected varieties of risotto – vegetarian, seafood, meat-based with French and Piedmontese influences, lest we forget a sprinkling of truffles or amaretti. Food traveling for food lovers and connoisseurs. A non-stop journey!

Christian & Manuel Ristorante

Corso Magenta, 71
13100 Vercelli
+39 0161 253585

Number of seats 40 | |

Closed Sunday dinner time. Monday
Holidays January and August
Credit cards All