Ca’ Vittoria

Massimiliano Musso

Ca' Vittoria

The territory where Langhe, Monferrato and Roero meet is rather hilly and is known as Colline Alfieri area by the Piedmontese. This part of the region is a little less mainstream, but it is equally rich in products, traditions and culinary tales. Ca’ Vittoria is located in Tigliole, in the province of Asti, where we can find a family and culinary story. Since 1997 Massimiliano Musso has been at the helm of the restaurant, created and fondly managed for years by his mum Sandra and his grandma Gemma. In this elegant 18th-century estate, where you can also choose to spend the night in one of the ten rooms available, the chef pursues a distinctly Piedmontese cuisine. The products coming from the garden of the estate, dedicated to grandpa Aldo, enter his dishes, along with locally raised vegetables, flowers, fruit, in a continuous creative combination of different flavours. The tasting menus allow experimentation – for those who want to test Massimiliano’s creativity – or more traditional options – for those who don’t want to miss typical local specialties such as truffle, chestnuts, hazelnuts, tajarin pasta and Fassona beef. The atmosphere is extremely relaxing and friendly but sophisticated and elegant at the same time.

Ca’ Vittoria

Via Roma, 14
14016 Tigliole d’Asti (AT)
+39 0141 667713

Number of seats 35 (120 for events) | |

Closed  Monday. Sunday dinner time.
Lunchtime except Saturday and Sunday
Holidays 30 days between February and March. 10 days in August
Credit cards All except for American Express