Ivana e Davide Palluda

Twenty-seven years after his first day at work, Davide Palluda shows the same enthusiasm and determination he had back in 1995, when he took charge of the restaurant belonging to the Enoteca Regionale del Roero. Born and raised in Canale, Palluda studied in Barolo, and possesses deep knowledge of his surroundings – the hills and the nearby Langhe. Today, his restaurant is an undisputed landmark in the region, an emblem of simplicity and sophistication. Palluda’s creations tell of winter frost, golden autumn leaves, the tartness of unripe grapes, work in the fields and housewives’ wisdom. “I totally respect the food culture of the countryside. The result of so many anonymous housewives able to invent gastronomic treasures out of routine nothingness. They could make even poverty taste good”. Tastes from childhood remain a constant stimulus for rediscovering once-upon-a-time flavors, genuineness that’s nearly been forgotten, that define our most distinct parameters of taste from the onset. Look forward to plin, ravioli, la finanziera, snails, truffles, Madernassa pears, cardoons, springtime asparagus, and September chestnuts – all locally sourced. Served in a sedate, classic ambiance that never seems to get old, poised to welcome new guests and old friends. High-end comfort food, Piedmont-style.


Via Roma, 57
12043 Canale (CN)
+39 0173 95857

Number of seats 60-70 | |

Closed Monday lunchtime. In October and November:
Sunday dinnertime. In December: Sunday

Holidays They vary from year to year
Credit cards Visa, Mastercard