Nostrano Ristorante

Stefano Ciotti

Set foot in chef Stefano Ciotti’s Nostrano Ristorante and you’re immediately taken in by the Romagnolo spirit, the natural flair for hospitality and taste seduction. Here you’re treated to real-world, right-off-the-bat freshness, in an ambiance that’s at once elegant and essential, right along the Adriatic coast. Well-appointed, showcasing local craftsmanship at its best – from tables to decorative majolica. You’re in for an authentic food odyssey to the roots of Adriatic cuisine, where ever-present is the present and the concreteness is concentrated. Modern techniques are used alongside homestyle procedures which the chef ascribes to a certain sensitivity that is “all our own”. In Italy, Ciotti trained under chefs Gino Angelini, Vincenzo Cammerucci, Luigi Sartini, Alois Vanlangenaeker and Gianfranco Vissani. He also spent time in Paris and Doha. His two designer tasting menus and à la carte selections feature both seafood and fruits of the earth. Check out the traditional cappelletti, strichetti marchigiani, formaggio di fossa, and fish guazzetti fresh from the Adriatic. Real food, a total and perfect bullseye that elevates simple tastes to all-new levels of distinction. Nostrano Ristorante is a place where everybody can enjoy the unshakeable blending of history and today.


Piazzale della Libertà, 7
61121 Pesaro
+39 0721 639813

Number of seats 40 inside + 14 outside | |

Closed Tuesday. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday lunchtime
Holidays Two weeks in November
Credit cards All