Madonnina del Pescatore

Mariella and Moreno Cedroni

La Madonnina del Pescatore is enclosed within a hypermodern cuboid structure. It’s different, but blends in with the low-rise seaside Marzocca scene along the Adriatic coast. Its clean, elegant lines recall certain residences exposed to salt-air ocean coasts, windblown the whole year round. A place permeated by easy, timeless elegance. One of those restaurants that needs a moment of silence before you step through the door. Moreno Cedroni was one of Italy’s first high-impact chefs, and remains one of the all-time most active and productive masterminds. A source of new ideas, illumination and research, chef Cedroni is capable of winning over even the most disinterested of patrons. Every time you dine here, you’re in for a different emotion. Look forward to thrills along the food itinerary that made Moreno Cedroni history and fame. Or close your eyes and zap yourself into the present. Lots of tasting menus, even more à la carte choices. Let the knowledgeable staff guide you along the way. Some dishes you may have already seen in books, like Cuttlefish-ink tempura. Others are world-renowned, like Psychedelic spaghetti, Sushi & susci, and Salted turbot. For dessert? Go for la Cedronita. Dining at Madonnina del Pescatore is always an experience to remember and cherish, wherever you may roam. Also thanks to Mariella, your hostess and Cedroni’s wife.

Madonnina del Pescatore

Lungomare Italia, 11 – Località Marzocca
60019 Senigallia (AN)
+39 071 698267

Number of seats 40 | |

Closed Wednesday. Monday and Thursday lunchtime
Holidays From November to January
Credit cards All