Ilario and Simonetta Mosconi

Creating Italian cuisine abroad is an ongoing challenge, and in Luxembourg it takes a special act of courage. Yet this cozy Italian outpost on the banks of the Alzette River, located inside a handsome edifice in the Grund district of Luxembourg City, has been a tenacious purveyor of authentic Italian food for over two decades, without compromising when it comes to ingredients, most of which are imported from Italy. Ilario and his wife Simonetta are professionals with a lifetime of experience in the restaurant business. They’ve definitely found their groove, having created a kitchen and a dining atmosphere that oozes with the flavor and hospitality that have made Italy a beacon the world over. This stately, refined establishment boasts two carefully lit dining rooms in soft, two-tone shades, with a certain soave panache throughout. Each dish smacks of Italy, neatly prepared with superb technical prowess. Tastes are on the money, in an array of aromas and consistency that wield pleasure and delight time and time again. The key to this restaurant’s success is simplicity and genuineness, along with a focus on details and an all-embracing sense of beauty. In short, Mosconi serves up Italian food at its best. This husband-and-wife team are true-blue ambassadors of the Italian food ideal. Look forward to the kind of warm reception and allure that only Italians know how to bestow upon their guests.


13, rue Münster
2160 Luxembourg
+352 54 6994

Number of seats 40 | |

Closed Saturday lunchtime. Monday and Sunday lunchtime.
Holidays Christmas and New Year’s Eve, Easter and 3 weeks in August
Credit cards All