Ristorante Andrea Aprea

Andrea Aprea

Chef Andrea Aprea’s fans are certainly glad to have him back, returning with this new business project which he inaugurated earlier this year on the top floor of the splendid Luigi Rovati Foundation building, at 52 Corso Venezia in Milano, where guests are greeted by a lush, secret courtyard that is invisibile from the street. Here, he continues his famed gastronomic research for a holistic approach that aims at and achieves total quality. Following important experiences abroad and in Italy, Aprea’s latest adventure brings to the Italian food scene a harmonic equilibrium between past and present, retro and contemporary. In two decades as a professional chef, Aprea has remained staunchly independent. He imitates no one and claims no one tradition as his own. In Milano he originally gained fame at Vun Andrea Aprea inside the Park Hyatt Hotel. Born and raised in Naples, his personal approach makes sure that traditions are preserved and projected into the future, where yesterday’s tastes meet with the intensity of today’s concreteness. Under his felicitous and striking guidance, tradition becomes something new, yet without severing the bonds with his origins or deviating from his own path to development.

Ristorante Andrea Aprea

Corso Venezia, 52
at Fondazione Luigi Rovati
20122 Milan
+39 0238273030

Number of seats 36 | |

Closed Sunday and Monday
Holidays 2 weeks in August
Credit cards Amex, Visa, Mastercard