Pierino Penati

Piergiuseppe and Theo Penati

In the Brianza area of Northern Italy, this is local fine dining par excellence. The perfect stop for lovers of tradition looking forward to discovering it in the cooking of young chef Theo Penati, at the helm of a family restaurant that’s been in business for some 80 years thanks to a veritable dynasty of committed restauranteurs. The restaurant is immersed in lush greenery in the hills. In summer the enchanting garden makes an idyllic dining spot. The large windows of the indoor dining rooms look out onto the hills in the direction of Montevecchia. On clear days you can see the jagged profile of the Ligurian Apennines that complete the mountain cornice of the Po Valley. Creative food, big tastes, exclusively made with the highest quality ingredients and respect for tradition, that has been reinvented thanks to Theo’s hard work and passion. He’s an eclectic master of the kitchen. An across-the-board chef thanks to his experience in restaurants from London to Tokyo, and his years of research and experimentation. The wine and liquor lists are spot on too, featuring great classics and little-known local selections. Don’t miss seasonal food celebrations! Check the calendar for Bolliti, truffles, Cassoeula and more to relish perfectly executed traditions and served in a one-of-a-kind location.

Pierino Penati

Via XXIV Maggio, 36
23897 Viganò (LC)
+39 039 956020

Number of seats 80 | |

Closed Sunday dinner time and Monday
Holidays From 26 to 30 December and from 7 January to 7 February
Credit cards All