Osteria della Brughiera

Stefano Arrigoni

Osteria della Brughiera, located in Villa d’Almè, in the Province of Bergamo, is a reserved locale, set apart by amazing ancient walls that surround the large, lush garden dining area used in summer, shady and ultra-comfortable. The warmly welcoming Bergamask structure, with dim lighting and a romantic atmosphere, is enriched by details passionately and tastefully attended to, for the art of it. Conceived and run by master chef Stefano Arrigoni, this is a place that accompanies guests on an emotional journey: look forward to a culinary itinerary that will satisfy even the most demanding palates. Chef Stefano Gelmi most generously doles out smash hits and superb, on-the-money tastes that will leave you in a state of ecstasy. Top-notch ingredients to start with, leading to an array of great Italian products from the kitchen. Cooking creativity known and praised for its ongoing search for balance and original tastes, as well as for its highly unusual presentations, where taste and super-high-quality combine with a sense of esthetics to tell a story through visuals. In short, food with a strong sense of identity. A great wine selection too – look forward to awesome pairings. At Osteria della Brughiera, art lies not only in fine food and service. The paintings on display make the setting even more sophisticated.

Osteria della Brughiera

Via Brughiera, 49
24018 Villa d’Almè (BG)
+39 035 638008

Number of seats 50 – for events up to 80 |

Closed Monday and Tuesday lunchtime
Holidays From 8 to 30 August
Credit cards All