Lio Pellegrini

Silvia e Giuliano Pellegrini

Lio Pellegrini is not just a restaurant – it’s a philosophy. It pays tribute to Giuliano’s father, and is styled after a French bistrot, filled with knick-knacks and curiosities – the romantic food destination par excellence. A stone’s throw from the Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art and the Carrara Academy in Bergamo Alta, Lio Pellegrini is a focal point of genius and creativity. When it opened in 1984, the restaurant was run by Giuliano’s mother Nila and his wife Silvia. Since then, their sons Mattia and Lorenzo have come on board, along with a hard-working, reliable staff. Giuliano proposes traditional Mediterranean tastes. The menu features meat and fish, amid memories of Giuliano’s native Tuscany, and can be instinctive in the simplest sense of the word, while tastes strike a solid balance. Giuliano says he’s overly careful, but luckily that translates into a concept of gastronomy based on research, experimentation and all-new match-ups. All this spontaneous, family-oriented identity is set in an alluring location – a 17th-century sacristy with a mixed bag of décor that has been tastefully put together. In warm weather, dine in the oasis of peace and tranquility that is the lush back garden. The lone spacious dining room affords comfort in silence that is broken only by the birdsong from outside.

Lio Pellegrini

Via San Tomaso, 47
24121 Bergamo
+39 035 247813

Number of seats 45 + 45 outside |

Closed Monday. Tuesday lunchtime
Holidays 1 week after Easter and last 3 weeks of August
Credit cards American Express, Visa, Diners, Mastercard