La Terrazza Gualtiero Marchesi

Enrico Dandolo and Osvaldo Presazzi

The Grand Hotel Tremezzo is an Art Nouveau icon of rare beauty. It’s home to one of the finest terraces overlooking Lake Como, awaiting lovers of fine food and unforgettable dinners. Romance. Elegance. The sun sets behind the Grigne mountains, not far from the lake’s glistening waters – the perennial international setting. La Terrazza owes its fame to Gualtiero Marchesi, Italian chef par excellence, whose legacy is at the core of the restaurant. Taste buds are reassured and seduced by the master’s fish drippings, gold and saffron rice, “open” ravioli, Achrome sea bass. Marchesi’s creativity, passion and commitment have left their indelible mark on Italian food and changed it forever. Executive chef Osvaldo Presazzi trained under this legend, and each day brings that legacy to life at the Grand Hotel Tremezzo. La Terrazza is the only restaurant in the world capable of serving renditions of some of Marchesi’s most iconic dishes – as well as new creations inspired by Marchesi’s unique philosophy. A refined experience at every visit, and at the same time unexpected. It’s classic. It’s modern. Creative. Experimental. All in the same place at the same time. Exquisite pleasure for every gourmand.

La Terrazza Gualtiero Marchesi

Via Regina, 8
22016, Tremezzo (CO)
+39 0344 42491

Number of seats  60 | |

Closed Lunchtime
Holidays From half November to the beginning of March
Credit cards All