Pietro Leemann, Sauro Ricci e Antonio Di Mora

Pietro Leemann is someone who, when it comes to the history of contemporary cooking, you can’t possibly not know. And when it comes to vegetarian cooking, there’s no one else like him. Joia was the first restaurant in Italy to win a Michelin star, back in 1996. And to this day, one of the contemporary cuisine’s that is more mindful of our planet and our ecosystem. For many, it is still a world to discover, and one that more and more chefs are becoming involved in – some as a way to focus on things like sustainability and the circularity of ingredients, while others are looking for the flexibility that fruit and vegetables offer, since you can really express yourself in so many ways. Leemann – backed by his crew, who have long since adopted his values and credo – serves up healthy food that takes its cue from Ayurveda and Chinese dietetics. Food is conceived as not only nourishment for the body, but for the mind, the soul and awareness as well. In terms of esthetics, the food at Joia is Zen reworked for Italian and western tastes. It keeps at bay Mediterranean tendencies without setting limits on ingredients, ideas, and contaminations. Each dish is a small work of art, created with extreme care, in perfect chromatic combos – the triumph of the land in everything and for everything, from the vegetables to the legumes, to the innovative and much sought-after use of soya, seeds and nuts.


Via P. Castaldi, 18
20124 Milan
+39 02 29522124 – +39 02 2049244

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Closed Sunday and Monday
Holidays From 9 to 23 August. From 23 December to 6 January 
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