Il Saraceno

Roberto Proto

The Proto family’s restaurant is situated between two castles – Malpaga and Cavernago – in the province of Bergamo. In its current setup, Chef Roberto Proto oversees the kitchen and its staff, while his wife Maria Morbi takes care of the dining room. Roberto’s parents, who’d migrated north from the Region of Campania in the mid-1970s, originally ran the restaurant. They created a simple place, where their son Roberto grew up and developed a keen passion for the business.
Today, Il Saraceno is a landmark fresh fish experience that offers all the tastes of the Mediterranean, without overdoing it, but rather combining them with a creative and contemporary approach that never goes out of style. His family’s roots in Southern Italy are a cornerstone in Chef Proto’s cooking that shines through in every recipe. He knows how to seamlessly pair the marine tastes of the Amalfi coast with land-based recipes from the traditional cuisine of the Bergamo province. Simplicity thrives here, from the only apparent naïveté of the dishes to the locale’s sober decor. Guests are cocooned in a welcoming and attentive atmosphere, the service obliging though never intrusive. Food and setting: straight-up elegant, romantic.

Il Saraceno

Piazza Don Verdelli, 2
24050 Cavernago (BG)
+39 035 840007

Number of seats 45 |

Closed Monday dinner time. Tuesday
Holidays 10 days in January and 20 days in August
Credit cards All