Il Cantinone

Stefano Ciabarri, Stefano Masanti and Raffaella Mazzina

Il Cantinone has become a landmark in the Valchiavenna area for lovers of fine dining, and a burgeoning mecca for food tourists. For those who want the mountain experience without sacrificing the sober elegance and stylish atmosphere of a true gourmet restaurant, the creations of chefs Stefano Masanti and Stefano Ciabarri would seem to be made to order. Balancing out their masculine energy, Chef Masanti’s wife Raffaella Mazzina – an expert sommelier admired for her taste and composure – will greet you with all the graciousness of a true hostess, and suggest high-power pairings. The menu varies greatly, depending on what the market has to offer, the season, the day, suppliers’ situations and… the chefs’ imagination. The Viaggio in Valchiavenna tasting menu is just that – a journey through the valleys along an itinerary of taste. Or you may opt to make up your own, freely-inspired combinations of contemporary dishes. The study and technique that go into each creation bear witness to Ciabarri’s scientific side and his passion for precision. There’s a search for perfection in every dish. At Il Cantinone you’ll see tradition and experimentation come together on the same plate.

Il Cantinone

Via Antonio De Giacomi, 39
23024 Madesimo (SO)
+39 034356120

Number of seats 40 | |

Closed Never
Holidays June/November
Credit cards All except Diners