Enrico Bartolini Ristorante

Enrico Bartolini

Award-winning Enrico Bartolini is one of Italy’s – and the world’s – best-loved chefs. Indeed, no one before him ever garnered as much praise wherever he’s set up shop. Inside Milano’s Mudec, one of the city’s most avant-garde museums, known for hosting some of the most provocative exhibitions around, Bartolini pulls out all the stops. His cooking becomes more and more creative with each passing season, its tastes increasingly well-defined, and its technical precision unsurpassed. The elegant and refined digs are the perfect complement to contemporary avant-garde cuisine. In a place like this, exploration is the watchword, and making guests feel comfortable is imperative. The menu features some of the chef’s greatest hits, a symphony that showcases major high points of Italian haute cuisine of the past two decades, as well as some of the most innovative new proposals. Whichever route you choose to go, you can look forward to sophistication, the right degree of flash, utmost structure and exquisitely hewn matchups – thanks also to the mastery of Davide Boglioli, the chef’s longtime sidekick. Maître d’ Sebastien Ferrara is also in charge of the wine cellar. The over seven thousand bottles are sure to please the most demanding and knowledgeable of guests in search of perfection. Definitely an unforgettable experience in top-notch Italian dining.

Enrico Bartolini Ristorante

Via Tortona, 56
20144 Milano
+39 02 84293701

Number of seats 30 Up to 65 for events | |

Closed Monday and Sunday
Holidays 3 variable weeks in August
Credit cards All