Davide Oldani

Dynamic, eclectic, always ready to put himself to the test on multiple fronts, Davide Oldani welcomes you. The man is the restaurant, the restaurant is the man. We’re talking a tasteful, well-studied setup and esthetics. It works. Visually pleasing, the locale’s decor is endlessly curated and designed to enhance guests’ experience: chairs, tables, colors, materials. To say nothing of the hospitality. Chef Oldani’s food is high-tech, refined and clean to the max. Nothing is left to chance. Yours will be a meal to remember, in which the details form an integral part of the splendid harmony. The tasting menus offer a compass to grasp the restaurant’s most authentic dining experience, based on Oldani’s feeling for what he’s cooking. He’s definitely into rice and its seemingly limitless variations, that are a staple on the menu. But he goes exploring, too. Exotic allure can always be found when, through thought and meticulous fine-tuning, he strikes a balance of tastes. Chef Oldani’s team is young, hard-working, and actively engaged in every aspect of the project. As a result, things are clearly on the move here, transforming a small town in Cornaredo, just outside Milano, into an emblem for the rediscovery of local food excellence.


P.zza della Chiesa, 14
20010 San Pietro all’Olmo 
Cornaredo (MI)
+39 02 9362209

Number of seats 40 |

Closed Sunday and Monday
Holidays  From 24 December to 6 January. August.

Credit cards All except for American Express and Diners