La Trota dal ‘63

The Serva Family

La Trota dal ’63 is one of those restaurants that’s absolutely unique. It’s well worth the drive through the countryside of Lazio to tiny Rivodutri. Better yet if you manage to book one of the few tables situated on the bridge, overlooking the river. Excellent cuisine firmly based on local produce and traditions, served in the same natural setting that the food itself comes from. The Serva brothers, Sandro and Maurizio, carry on and expand upon the work their parents began when they founded the restaurant in 1963, and they have turned a well-known family trattoria into an exquisite fine dining establishment. La Trota features local freshwater fish – its calling is clear-cut and self-aware. As a result, it’s a landmark restaurant that food lovers travel to from Italy and abroad for specialties like eel, trout, perch, carp, pike, whitefish, and tench. All teamed up with locally-sourced produce, herbs and spices. One of the best-loved dishes on the menu is tench soup with angel hair pasta. Try a helping of beef tongue with caramelized bergamot, egg and artichoke, or a dish of salt whitefish. Enjoy the restaurant’s lively service in a bold, dynamic setting to complete your La Trota experience.

La Trota dal ‘63

Via S. Susanna, 33
02010 Rivodutri (RI)
+ 39 0746 685078

Number of seats 30 | |

Closed Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday dinner time
Holidays From 7 January to 13 February
Credit cards All