La Pergola

Heinz Beck

The view of the Eternal City from the top floor of the Rome Cavalieri Hotel is simply breathtaking. It is here that we find the international gourmet temple La Pergola, with world-renowned chef Heinz Beck at the helm. Authentic haute cuisine that always outperforms itself, served in an atmosphere of splendor and magnificence. The flawless reception and the focus on details assure that guests remain the center of attention throughout their dining experience. Needless to say, Heinz uses only the highest quality raw materials as he lets his imagination run wild to create combinations that, however bold they may be, are always comprehensible and excruciatingly concocted for a barrage of clear-cut taste sensations. This is a restaurant that leaves its mark and reminds us that Rome still lies at the epicenter of the food-and-wine universe. Quintessential ingredients, high-tech virtuosity and refined responsiveness make for a unique, sublime experience. Heinz Beck’s cooking reflects a blend of pure genius and creativity, in an on-going quest for new emotions born of the genuine tastes from the Italian and Mediterranean traditions. Award-winning sommelier Marco Reitano has created two distinct wine lists for La Pergola which will surprise even the most exacting guests, featuring a slew of the world’s very best wines.

La Pergola

Via A. Cadlolo, 101
00136 Roma
+39 06 35092152

Number of seats 55 |

Closed Monday and Sunday. Closed at lunchtime
Holidays Three weeks in January and three weeks in August
Credit cards All