Fabrizia Meroi

In 2001 Fabrizia and Roberto began a gastronomic journey when they opened Laite in Sappada, located in the Alta Valle of the Piave River. Here Italy meets Austria, and being border land, it’s a place subject to a host of contaminations, including linguistic – the local dialect is vaguely based on German. As seen in the name of this restaurant – Laite means “sunbathed meadow”. It’s sure to remain in your heart, with its ancient fragrance of Swiss pine and a pair of small carved-wood and stone dining rooms, carefully appointed and elegant. Chef Fabrizia Meroi likes to think of herself as self-taught, inasmuch she grew up learning how to cook with passion and skill from her mother and grandmother. She’s also been a professional for three decades. Her cooking involves constant research, exploration and experimentation. She provides a broad spectrum of interpretations of ingredients and emphasizes seasonality. Fabrizia succeeds in blending the tastes of the forest and wild game with the more delicate flavors of the vegetable garden. An extraordinary gastronomic discovery journey through the valley. Roberto’s daughter Elena, who takes after her father in the savoir faire department, is your maître d’ and sommelier. Thanks to her personal and meticulous service, you’ll experience new and unusual pairings with Italian and imported wines.


Borgata Hoffe, 10
32047 Sappada (BL)
+39 0435 469070

Number of seats 20 | |

Closed Wednesday. Thursday lunchtime
Holidays 20 days in June and 20 days in October
Credit cards All except Amex