Al Ferarùt

Alberto Tonizzo

Al ferarut

The Tonizzo family has owned and operated Al Ferarùt for some sixty years. It’s located in downtown Rivignano, a small town in the region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia, not far from the Adriatic and the border with Slovenia. Today it is Alberto – son of Carla and Guerrino Tonizzo, who founded the restaurant – who, along with his wife Annamaria, maintains the prestige of this historic fine dining establishment. In the kitchen, Alberto oversees his team of cooks, while on the floor, Annamaria makes sure guests feel at home. Al Ferarùt’s young, next-gen staff is passionate and determined. This is a seafood temple that blends inland traditions in cooking with coastal gastronomic heritage, especially that found in the area of the local karst springs. It from these mild flatlands, where clear waters bubble up from the ground, that Alberto Tonizzo takes inspiration, and each day gathers many of the ingredients found on the menu. Freshwater fishing is one of this chef’s favorite hobbies – eels, anybody? He’s particularly fond of them. Fresh wild herbs complete a cycle of sui generis autochthonous ingredients that are melded into exquisite meals. The wine list is worthy of the menu. Don’t miss the chance to sip liquors and spirits in the caveau below, or in the private room.

Al Ferarùt

Via Cavour, 34
33061 Rivignano Teor (UD)
+39 0432 775039

Number of seats 35 | |

Closed Wednesday and Thursday lunchtime
Holidays variable at the beginning of January
Credit cards All