San Domenico

Massimiliano Mascia

One of the historic cradles of Italian haute cuisine is led by a young, sensitive chef whose feet are deeply rooted in history, while his head faces the future. Massimiliano Mascia is a careful, gentle and friendly man who has won a very hard challenge: bringing San Domenico restaurant in Imola – opened in the 70s and famous worldwide – to the 21st-century. Raised at San Domenico’s, beside his uncle and chef Valentino Mercattilii, he spent seven years in some of the world’s biggest brigades – from Ducasse in Paris to the Côte d’Azur – before returning to Imola to happily devote himself to contemporaneity. The restaurant, a longtime meeting point of important figures, maintains it identity of an elegant, unique and cozy place, but with Max’s added courage, kindness, passion, his culture of raw materials and seasonal food, and pursuit of the perfect chain. The service is young, faultless and kind; the opulent cellar the habitat of expert and bold sommeliers. The menu ranges from the traditional recipes of the “SanDo” to new ideas: clever, refined and delicious dishes with that hint of magic achieved by taking the long view to arouse unique emotions. His new dishes, the traditional options keeping pace with time, the elegant and pleasant atmosphere, and the exceptional service make this restaurant an obligatory stopover of a gourmet’s journey.

San Domenico

Via G. Sacchi, 1
40026 Imola (BO)
+39 0542 29000

Number of seats 96 | |

Closed Sunday dinner time and all day Monday. From June to August: Saturday lunchtime, all day Sunday and Monday
Holidays Some days in January and 3 weeks in August
Credit cards All