Osteria Francescana

Massimo Bottura

One of the world’s most famous restaurants – and certainly one that has changed 21st-century cooking forever – may be found on a tiny street in downtown Modena, where no cars go by. The atmosphere inside Osteria Francescana is sober, almost tense on account of the emotion and awe anyone – even the most seasoned food critics – experiences upon stepping into this temple of world-class cuisine. Sitting between a floral-design rug and a coffered ceiling, you’re in for a gastronomic itinerary that is absolutely unique and irreproducible. First comes the idea, then comes the dish. There’s sheer genius behind every mouthful, and attention for details that goes well above and beyond the call of duty. This is what puts chef Massimo Bottura in a class by himself. His is a refined, cultured mind, belonging to a visionary whose volcanic prowess is unleashed at every turn. Bottura’s conception of food may not always be clear to everyone who dines at his restaurant, but it is definitely something that leaves its mark in terms of taste, workmanship and the memories it creates. The service courtesy of a young, international team that is overseen by maître d’ and sommelier Beppe Palmieri is of the highest level. One big family – that’s Osteria Francescana, and in a broader sense, the world of Massimo Bottura – which year in, year out rewrites a piece of haute cuisine, Italian and beyond. Experiencing is believing.

Osteria Francescana

Via Stella, 22
41121 Modena
+39 059 223912

Number of seats 28 |

Closed Never
Holidays From 24 to 26 December and 3 variable weeks in January
Credit cards All