L’Erba del Re

Luca Marchini

L’Erba del Re expresses Luca Marchini’s essence as a chef – amiable, generous, demanding and determined. This chef, restaurant owner and businessman has created a top-level fine dining establishment in the heart of Modena, where the pleasure is extreme and the substance is unchallenged. The origins of each dish may be traced back to Marchini’s capacity for relating to his guests. His research focuses on taste. Ingredients reveal his attention to the world around him. The end result is the superb balancing act that each morsel exudes. The setting is tastefully decorated and the welcome is warm – where fine dining meets the perfect family restaurant atmosphere. Discover just how innovative tradition can be. Great for special occasions. The three tasting menus provide three very different dining experiences. There’s “Expression”, featuring sweet and savory contrasts, and notes of delicate acidity, with highly structured meat, fish, vegetable and pasta dishes. “The Story of the Dishes” explores the evolution of Marchini’s cooking over the years. “Tradition” offers a reinterpretation of popular history and bucolic tra- ditions – a lineup with powerful doses of local identity. Marchini expands the Modenese tradition toward new horizons.

L’Erba del Re

Via Castel Maraldo, 45
41121 Modena
+39 059 218188

Number of seats 35 |

Closed Sunday, Monday lunchtime
Holidays 3 weeks in August and the first week in January
Credit cards All