Taverna del Capitano

The Caputo Family

“All my life, and even more so in recent years, with the attention of public opinion and many of our customers turned toward safeguarding the environment and human beings alike, whenever I conceive and create dishes, I’ve been guided by the principle of respecting the land I come from and the sea that washes up against its shores. At the same time, I’m also dedicated to respecting the produce, making sure it’s wholesome and full of extraordinary taste”. The words of Alfonso Caputo, a firm believer in sustainable cuisine because it’s born through local farming and fishing, which are also sustainable and eschew mass production. That ethic is centered around sustaining a virtuous circular economy that preserves and brings out the best in the area’s food resources. For over half a century, the Caputo family has owned and operated the Taverna del Capitano and its cozy hotel on Nerano Bay. This gorgeous seaside spot is guaranteed to please – why not rent a room and wake up in paradise! We’re on the tip of the fabled Sorrentine peninsula, that stretches out toward the sea from Massa Lubrense, a travel destination loved by Italians and people the world over. The Taverna del Capitano is a family project through and through, where each member does his or her utmost to make sure that every guest is treated to the best possible welcome.

Taverna del Capitano

P.zza delle Sirene, 10/11- Marina del Cantone
80061 Massa Lubrense (NA)
+39 081 8081028

Number of seats 40 | |

Closed Monday and Tuesday. Always open in summer
Holidays From 2 November to 18 March
Credit cards All