Taverna Estia

Francesco Sposito

At the foot of Mount Vesuvius and just outside Naples, lies the suburb of Brusciano, where you’ll find Taverna Estia. It’s owned and operated by the Sposito family, who with grand refinement welcome guests to their lush aromatic herb garden surrounded by walls of jasmine. For over two decades Margherita and Armando, who today are joined by their sons Francesco and Mario, have orchestrated this sprawling project. The whole family takes part, brimming with passion and driven by inspiration. In the kitchen, Francesco’s creativity and originality rules. Applying the most innovative food preparation techniques, his contemporary interpretations are based on Campania’s traditions surf-and-turfwise. He creates a thrilling synergy involving shapes, colors and tastes. The wine that accompanies this journey is worthy of its role. Expert sommelier Mario Sposito oversees the cellar and the dining room. He too is engaged in constant research and development, with a major focus on small local wineries. The elegant collection on display also includes fine wines from throughout Italy. It’s the centerpiece, beneath visible ceiling beams. The kitchen is also in full view, with its large fireplace in the middle. Guests are warmed by the interaction of all these elements and a carefully hewn, harmonious family dimension.

Taverna Estia

Via Guido De Ruggiero, 108
80031 Brusciano (NA)
+39 081 5199633


Number of seats  30 | | small-sized
Closed Tuesday.From Monday to Friday at lunchtime except public holidays. Sunday and holidays at dinner time.
Holidays 2 weeks in January, 3 weeks in August
Credit cards All