Oasis Sapori Antichi

The Fischetti Family

Irpinia is not what you would call famed for its fine dining and haute cuisine. But there are local restaurants that have made the most of family traditions and turned them into cultural and gastronomic treasures. Such is the story of the Fischetti family, who since 1988 has brought to the table locally raised food and the traditions of their land. In the high hills above Vallesaccarda, Lina and her niece Serena, the third generation of Fischetti, come up with simple dishes that are ethical and clean, made with the best ingredients possible, and loaded with truth. Reinterpreting tradition is an ongoing project that keeps a place like this up to date and in line with today’s food trends and demands. The result is a harmony of tastes throughout meals that are genuine and “good” – as in full of goodness. There’s concreteness to every dish too, as the Fischetti ladies and their staff faithfully aintroduce guests to an area of Italy that is still not widely known for its prowess in the food-and-wine department. Inside the Puccio Room, Raffaella, Nicola, Carmine and Marco greet and treat guests with warmth. Look for seasonal soups, perfect pasta dishes like cauliflower ziti and Linguine aglio e olio (garlic and oil); main courses including salt cod and Menaica anchovies; il Cappello del Prete (the Priest’s Hat): celery, pink turnip; Roast rabbit or Caciocavallo cheese. Ask about off-the-menu daily specials that reflect the Fischettis’ contact with the local territory and land.

Oasis Sapori Antichi

Via Provinciale, 8
83050 Vallesaccarda (AV)
+39 0827 97021

Number of seats 60 | |

Closed Wednesday and Thursday. Dinner time on national holidays
Holidays 20 days in January and 20 in days in July
Credit cards All