La Torre del Saracino

Vittoria Aiello and Gennaro Esposito

The coastal town of Vico Equense, located just outside Naples, has since 1991 been home to chef Gennaro Esposito’s Torre del Saracino, a shining star on the sea, housed in a medieval tower that dates back to the 14th-century, nestled in the shadow of Mount Vesuvius. Every detail here tells Chef Esposito’s story. His mantra: “In my line of work, forgetting your roots is a mortal sin. That would mean possibly eliminating future discoveries”. Each ingredient is a living part of the local territory.
Fresh fish, fresh lemons. Sea urchins. Zucchini. All pieces of a shared history, and tools in Gennaro Esposito’s work. In-depth research and attention to detail are key when it comes to the raw materials used in his kitchen. He and his young, international crew innovate and reinterpret Neapolitan traditions with class and avant-garde techniques. Tastes are rounded out and sincere. Ingredients are absolutely fresh and locally sourced, according to the season. The service is professional and warm. An excellent choice of wines offers the perfect pairing to fine dining. Head to Torre del Saracino to enjoy special moments, in a very special place, from start to finish.

La Torre del Saracino

Via Torretta, 9
80069 Marina d’Aequa – Vico Equense (NA)
+39 081 8028555

Number of seats 25

Closed Monday. Tuesday lunchtime, Sunday dinner time
Holidays From 15 January to 15 February
Credit cards All