La Locanda di Alia

Gaetano Alia

Castrovillari, where Calabria still has the power to enchant with all its wonder and mystery, has been home to La Locanda di Alia since 1952. The restaurant is a treasure chest filled with tastes of an entire region. Chef Gaetano Alia follows in the footsteps of his parents, who founded La Locanda. For Gaetano, esthetics take a back seat to the choice of ingredients and a chef’s mastery of them. And his world, a crossroads of cultures and peoples with a history that dates back several millennia, has a lot to say for itself. Cured and fresh meats, cheeses from the Pollino National Park, wild cicerchie or Indian peas, Mormanno poverelli beans, blond Cosenza onions, and Spilinga nduja are just a few of the “stories” that come to mind. Bold, authentic tastes deeply linked to the gastronomic culture of this corner of Italy, celebrated with individual epiphanies amid the broader spectrum of Italian food. Chef Alia puts simplicity on the table, along with the bounty of his land, expanding upon that with all the professionalism and experience at his disposal, and for which he’s garnered worldwide fame. Guests feel at home at La Locanda di Alia, part of the family, as they soak up a tradition whose straightforward foundations and intuitive tastes will amaze you for their genuineness and substance. Food made and served with passion, animated by itineraries to be discovered and shared with your fellow guests.

La Locanda di Alia

Via Ietticelli, 55
87012 Castrovillari (CS)
+39 0981 46370

Number of seats 65 | |

Closed Sunday dinner time. Monday
Holidays 1 week in mid-August
Credit cards All