Villa Maiella

The Tinari Family

For over half a century, the Tinari family has been welcoming guests at Villa Maiella, a restaurant that “feels more like a living room in someone’s house”, as people often say. This is the wilderness of Abruzzo, just below Parco della Maiella – a great place to admire the local flora and fauna. At this family-run restaurant and inn, the torch has been passed to the next-gen proprietors and staff, who are dedicated to preserving the Tinaris’ tradition of hospitality and fine food. Mamma Angela and her son Arcangelo preside over the kitchen, while Peppino and Pascal attend to your needs in the dining room and wine cellar. Together, they have turned Villa Maiella into a destination for lovers of food excellence. The cuisine is based on local traditions and flavors, drawing particular inspiration from the Apennine mountains. There are three tasting menus: a traditional menu featuring local staples like cheese-and-egg balls, tripe, spaghetti alla chitarra with lamb sauce, and roast lamb with thyme; a bold, creative contemporary menu; and a special menu for younger guests. The wine cellar is richly stocked, and the fourteen rooms at the inn complete the package for guests who choose to spend the night.

Villa Maiella

Via Sette Dolori, 30
66016 Guardiagrele (Ch)
+39 0871 809319

Number of seats 26-30 |

Closed Monday. Sunday lunchtime
Holidays 2 weeks in July, 2 weeks in January
Credit cards All