Cristiana and Niko Romito

Arriving at Reale restaurant is almost a spiritual experience – it strikes deep inside and leaves a trace. Unlike the city tendencies and the pursuit of non-popular locations, Castel di Sandro is a true jewel in a mountain in the heart of the National Park of Abruzzo. It is home to Casadonna, a former 16th-century monastery restored in 2011 by Cristiana and Niko Romito, and the place where Reale restaurant, the boutique hotel (with 10 luxury rooms) and the Niko Romito Chef Academy are located. The chef from Abruzzo is surrounded by an ensemble of pristine nature, pureness and beauty stopping the running of time and giving the hosts the privilege of breathing pure air, as well as of admiring the color of a leaf or of the crystal-clear sky at sunset. The magic of Reale restaurant is not only about the beauty and the depth of its cooking, but from experience itself. Chef Romito’s cuisine is a never-ending study of materials, ingredients and their transformation, of the small producer, the maniacal pursuit of the original taste, as well as of the perfect balance. His bread, for instance: a perfect synthesis of structure, acidity and rising, the most genuine refinement with simple and natural ingredients. A refinement born in Abruzzo and going back to Abruzzo. A unique experience to treat oneself and others.


Casadonna – Piana Santa Liberata
67031 Castel di Sangro (AQ)
+39 0864 69382

Number of seats 26-30 |

Closed Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday lunchtime
Holidays From 7 November to 15 November. From 9 January to 22 March
Credit cards All except for Diners