Once again this year, Le Soste is recognizing those individuals who have stood out in the Italian restaurant industry for their passion and dedication. Italy is full of hidden gems to recognise and celebrate.

Prize Franco Ziliani

for Innovation

Antonino Cannavacciuolo

Ristorante Villa Crespi

For taking us on a delightful culinary adventure into the unexplored territories of taste, reminding us that progress would not be possible without a touch of carefree originality. For a cuisine that summarises the flavours of the entire Italian peninsula and has demonstrated an authoritativeness worthy of the greatest masters.


for Education

Cerea family

Ristorante Da Vittorio

For turning every cooking experience into a lesson filled with passion and curiosity. For their dedication to passing on fifty years of family history to younger generations, igniting their knowledge-hungry minds and opening the door to a bright future for them in the world of catering.



Alessandro Tomberli

Enoteca Pinchiorri

For his commitment to leading the front-of-house. For offering guests a timeless experience of style and elegance. For his professionalism and dedication, contributing to world-renowned Italian hospitality.



Salvatore Marrone

Hotel San Pietro Positano

For captivating the guests' palate and mind, bringing joy to the table with his passionate savoir faire and fascinating knowledge of wine. For contributing to the protection of local biodiversity, reminding us of the dedication required to successfully share stories from the wonderful world of wine.