Le Soste has been committed to sharing its story for forty-two years, aiming to be the voice of a unique cooking style that showcases the best of Italy's food and wine. Its goal is to describe a common spirit and a shared intention that sets Italian cuisine apart from the rest of the world. Le Soste brings together the best Italian restaurants of our time, giving them a platform to express and share their interpretation of the restaurateur profession autonomously. The goal for the 2024 edition is to produce a manifesto of beauty in all its forms, The absolute novelty of this project is the introduction of a new precious form of collaboration that, from now on, will be the book’s hallmark, where an artist will reinvent the association's logo every year. The current logo, based on Emilio Tadini's arrow, has been the cover of all our published works since the 1980s. This new initiative will allow us to constantly renew the logo and elevate the question of what it means to cook, a concept that is ever-evolving and needs to be constantly revived.

The board

The executive body of Le Soste is represented by the Board of Directors: a group of 10 members who are in charge of the management and administration of the Association and deliberate on the admission or expulsion of members.

In 2023 the board is composed by:

Ezio Santin

Presidente Onorario

Davide Oldani


Massimo Bottura

Vice Presidente

Antonio Santini

Vice Presidente

Moreno Cedroni


Francesco Cerea


Gennaro Esposito


Giancarlo Morelli


Claudio Sadler


Martin Dalsass

Rappresentante per l’estero