Every year Le Soste, in partnership with excellent companies belonging to the Food & Beverage world, awards prizes to chefs, businesses and media personalities who have left their mark on the scene of Italian haute cuisine. This rite started at the end of the Nineties with a handful of awards and, gradually, has expanded to count 11 assignments in 2018. Here are the winners of this year:

Premio Franco Ziliani
Le Soste all’Innovazione 2018 (Award for Innovation)
Niko Romito

For his ongoing research and systematic approach in his work as a chef and for the numerous projects dedicated to the dissemination of a conscious, identity-based cuisine that is authentically Italian.

The winners of the: 2017 Enrico Crippa

grana padano

Premio Le Soste Blog dell’anno (Blog of the year Award)

For her sophisticated simplicity, sense of hospitality and passion for travels: an authentic “Italian DOP” just like Grana Padano!

The winners of the: 2017 Gnam Box

Premio Le Soste Ospitalità di Sala (Hospitality Award)
Cristiana Romito

For the mastery and impeccable refinement with which she manages
to make her guests feel at ease, just like a true hostess at home,
and for her style of service that combines attention, warmth and friendliness

The winners of the:
2017 Giuseppe Palmieri

Premio Le Soste
alla Carriera (Career Award)
Lorenzo Viani

For his theatrical presence and the warm and professional welcome that has been
a stylish feature of the first thirty-seven years of Lorenzo’s brilliant career,
crowned by an intense passion for his work.

The winners of the:
2017 Aimo e Nadia Moroni | 2016 Piergiuseppe Penati

Premio Le Soste
per la Sostenibilità (Award for Sustainability)
Norbert Niederkofler

For his ethical commitment that goes beyond his recognition as a great chef.

The protagonists of Niederkofler’s dishes are the nature, the culture, the pure and intense tastes of his mountains, the passion and hard work of farmers and breeders, the excellent quality of their products, traditions, methods handed down, the warmth, care, constancy and lightness

Best Wine Estates of Italy
Società Agricola Roeno

The story of a family from Valdadige which for three generations has showered seductive,
sensory gifts upon enthusiasts and gourmets with the production of excellent, exclusive wines,
fruit of the company’s research devoted to the recovery of historic grape varieties
and important projects such as the Enantio and the Riesling Renano.

The winners of the:
2017 Tenuta Biodinamica Mara

Premio Experience Pommery
alla migliore selezione di Champagne
(Award for the best Champagne selection)

Champagne Pommery and Le Soste present the award to

da Vittorio

A remarkable selection, where research is driven by passion,
a true heritage created by the best vintages and champagne houses.
An exciting enogastronomic experience.

The winners of the:
2017 La Pergola

Franco Colombani

Franco Colombani was a master, who taught a vast number of sommeliers and
food and wine enthusiasts about love for wine, on how to pair wine with dishes
and on how to perceive quality in the kitchen.
Ca’ del Bosco and Le Soste have awarded the Premio Franco Colombani to

Gabriele Del Carlo

For the professionalism, expertise and enormous enthusiasm shown
in promoting and enhancing the value of quality Italian wines in the world.

The winners of the:
2015 Luca Cinacchi | 2014 Enrico Bucci | 2012 Manoel Beato | 2010 Tonino Trimboli | 2007 Fabrizio Sartorato | 2004 Savio Bina | 2000 Ralph Hersom | 1997 Etsuro Kotani

Eccellenza di Filiera

The search for quality is an invaluable asset for our country.
It is a resource that embodies the know-how, culture and skills
that make us uniquely recognisable in the world.
The Premio Eccellenza di Filiera 2018 is awarded to::

Campilii Cereali Srl

for having understood that product excellence cannot be achieved without research
at every stage of the production chain, starting with the raw materials.
Researching the best durum wheat ultimately leads to supply chain contracts that guarantee traditional surfaces, certified seed and production regulations that respect the environment.

Premio Le Soste / Eberhard
Donna protagonista dell’anno (Woman Protagonist of the Year Award)
Angela Frenda

For the delicacy and dedication that Angela Frenda has shown in her work
devoted to Italian cuisine from its pure traditions to its more creative forays.

Premio Le Soste
Promessa per il futuro (Young Talent Award)
Aurora Mazzucchelli

For her unending, tireless search of ways to add value to the finest raw ingredients,
for a cuisine as modern as it is careful to the peculiarities of the land,
and for her great commitment to social work.