Every year Le Soste, in partnership with excellent companies belonging to the Food & Beverage world, awards prizes to chefs, businesses and media personalities who have left their mark on the scene of Italian haute cuisine.
Here are the winners of 2022.

Premio Franco Ziliani
Le Soste all’Innovazione (Award for Innovation)
Riccardo Camanini

For being an artist originally from the Brescia area, inspired by the finest examples of international cuisine, who has taken his knowledge and talent around Italy, revitalizing its culinary tradition. For his constant commitment to innovation combined with his respect for raw materials. For his continuous research and reluctance to rest on his laurels, a quality that allows him to reinvent himself with humility, never with arrogance.


2020 Enrico Bartolini
2019 Mauro Uliassi
2018 Niko Romito
2017 Enrico Crippa

Premio Le Soste Ospitalità di Sala (Hospitality Award)
Alberto Santini

In the temple of the Italian excellence of hospitality, he knew how tom express an original way to conduct and manage the Room.


2020 Vincenzo Donatiello 
2019 Simonetta Mosconi
2018 Cristiana Romito
2017 Giuseppe Palmieri

Premio Le Soste
per la Tutela del Patrimonio del Gusto
(Award for Safeguarding the Heritage of Taste)
Gaetano and Alessandro Martini

Among the founders of Le Soste, they knew ho to keep the culture of the taste and respect for the Big Italian Cuisine alive.


2020 Luisa and Angelo Valazza
2019 Ezio Santin
2018 Lorenzo Viani
2017 Aimo e Nadia Moroni
2016 Piergiuseppe Penati

Premio Le Soste
Alla Formazione (Training Award)
Davide Oldani

For the continuous and constant planning skill with which he dedicates himself to training young people by applying the principles of research and high qualification for a professionalism oriented to the future development of catering.

Best Wine Estates of Italy
Tenuta Scrafana

Young, bold, and passionate about wine, Jacopo and Melissa Maggioni, siblings from Bergamo, followed their entrepreneurial instinct, choosing to invest physical and financial resources in the historic Tenuta Scrafana, which they purchased in 2017.

A highly prestigious estate, with a centuries-old oenological tradition in the heart of Valdarno, on the beautiful and picturesque hills of Montevarchi, the seat of one of Chianti wine’s most eminent expressions. Taking the helm of the business, the two youths immediately set out a process to revitalize and recover the vineyards, introducing new, modern, and environmentally friendly production methods. Their award-winning wines reflect the main varieties deriving from tradition and innovation, each with its own wonderful relation to the local territory, and an association with a historic character for which they are named.


2020 Azienda Agricola San Salvatore 1988
2019 Azienda Agricola F.lli Bucci
2018 Società Agricola Roeno di Fugatti R & C.
2017 Tenuta Biodinamica Mara

Premio Experience Pommery
to the best Selection of
di Champagne (Award for the best Champagne selection)

Champagne Pommery and Le Soste present the award to

La Madia Restaurant

An important selection of Champagne, deep and careful, covering all the most relevant terroirs of the region.
A great attention to the most prestigious Maisons in pairing with a sustainable Sicilian cuisine, that loves the territory with great knowledge and respect for the raw material.


2020 Il luogo Aimo and Nadia
2019 Don Alfonso 1890
2018 da Vittorio
2017 La Pergola

Premio Franco Colombani
(Franco Colombani Award)

Franco Colombani was a master who trained sommeliers and food&wine experts and taught them the love for wine and its pairing with food, as well as the fine perception of quality in cooking. In 2022, Ca ‘del Bosco and Le Soste award the prize to

Valentina Bertini

for the professionalism, the extraordinary skills and the great passion in the promotion and enhancement of quality Italian wines.


2020 Mirko Benzo
2018 Gabriele Del Carlo
2016 Matteo Pastrello
2015 Luca Cinacchi
2014 Enrico Bucci
2012 Manoel Beato
2010 Tonino Trimboli
2007 Fabrizio Sartorato
2004 Savio Bina
2000 Ralph Hersom
1997 Etsuro Kotani